Our current situation

The Plan

Our Current Situation

On the 29th March 2017 Barnet Council Planning Committee voted 6 to 4 in favour of our application to transform Solar House into a church community hub. Having now waited for the judicial review period to elapse we are able to say that work will commence in November with a Breaking Ground ceremony scheduled for the 16th.

Thus will start the Phase 1 works which will convert the South Wing of Solar House into the New St B’s. This will incorporate a new lift, many toilets, kitchen and café area, bright new entrance and disabled access and a large welcoming foyer area. We anticipate this process taking six months with our eventual move into the new building scheduled to take place in June 2018. The North Wing has now been sold.

What we now have

High profile location | We are now going to be somewhere visible where people will know where we are.

A large centre | We are no longer going to be constrained by an ageing limited building and will have room for growth in all of our areas of ministry.

A purpose-built building | We will now have a purpose-built building, better laid out, more efficient and easier to maintain than our old church buildings.

An inspiring building | We will now have something that is inspiring to worship in, both for Sunday services and for special occasions such as weddings and other celebrations.

The ministry is more important than buildings

It is easy to be distracted by the buildings and the danger is that the whole process becomes all consuming. Our motivation to move has always been underscored by our desire to grow our existing ministries and commence new initiatives. We have a building that makes this possible.


The church is the people not the building

The building is just a tool for mission and ministry, and its capability for providing that mission and ministry is the critical factor. So whilst this move is and will be tremendously exciting, as Henry reminded us in January :

The main thing, is keeping the main thing, the main thing”     John Wimber

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