Stop Press: The builders start work on site on Monday 6th November!!!

We believe God has led us to Solar House

“Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.
See, darkness covers the earth
and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the Lord rises upon you
and his glory appears over you.
Nations will come to your light,
and kings to the brightness of your dawn.”
— Isaiah 60. These verses were shared as a prophetic word about our hopes for a new building during our week of prayer and fasting in January 2013 - before we started looking at Solar House.

Solar House is a large office block on North Finchley High Road

Solar House is located exactly halfway between Christ Church North Finchley and St John’s Whetstone on the High Road. 

The building is split into two wings, North and South, with large, open-plan floors which can be divided any way we choose. A three storey section extends to the rear of the main building, which will, in time make way for the new Auditorium. There is also a large underground car park under the entire site.



At present, the front of the building looks (as you would expect) like a commercial office block, stood back slightly from the road and not especially welcoming. To remedy that, we are going to create a large new entrance, bringing the building more onto the street and signalling its transformation into a public building, open to all.

The ground floor of the South Wing will be opened up to create a large community space, foyer and - during Phase 1 - worship area. This will include new lifts, stairs, toilets and kitchen facilities. The first, second and third floors will be home to a range of multi-purpose and dedicated community halls and offices.

During Phase 2, we will demolish the three storey section at the back of the building and build a new 500 seater auditorium. Once complete, this auditorium will form our new worship space. 

The North Wing which will continue to be laid out as modern commercial offices. Has been sold to raise income for the project.

  Architect's sketch of the redeveloped Solar House

Architect's sketch of the redeveloped Solar House

What this plan will provide

A larger auditorium | Although the auditorium at Solar House will not be much larger than our existing sanctuary, our current worship space also has to accommodate the foyer, welcome areas and coffee stands. With significant additional space planned for these activities, the auditorium at Solar House will accommodate far more people - up to 500 seats before overflow.

More halls and better lay-out | At present we can only run a couple of ministries in parallel due to limited space. The plans for Solar House give us more space and enable us to do more things at the same time. Moreover, these halls will be far better equipped and tailored to the needs of each ministry - for example, dedicated toilets adjacent to our Kids Church.

Better office space | Currently the offices for our staff team are spread across our Holden Road site, often in temporary structures. This creates inefficiencies. At Solar House we will create a better, more suitable environment for our staff to work.

A welcoming foyer and community space |  Solar House will be a welcoming building that will be open to our members and the wider public much of the week.

Better facilities | Many of our ministries and missional communities will benefit from access to additional and improved facilities. These will include a commercial kitchen which we can use for our weekly homeless lunches and perhaps to offer training for young people from estates, showers and a clothes bank for our homeless friends, and possibly a sensory room to benefit children and young people with disabilities and their families.

A more efficient building | Whilst Solar House is a 30-year old building and not as efficient as a modern buildings, it will be much better than our old church building and portacabins. As part of our redevelopment, we will explore options for reducing its environmental impact still further.

"We have recently received a grant of £4500 from the City of London Corporation’s charity, City Bridge Trust relating to the disabled access survey for Solar House”  

We are hugely excited about the potential Solar House has to support and extend our efforts to serve Finchley and beyond. But we need your help to make it happen...