Our plans for Solar House will meet our needs today and for years to come. However, to achieve that ambition will require significant investment. We calculate that the move will cost £16.5 million.


Purchase of Solar House               £7,600,00

Phase 1 construction costs            £3,300,000

Phase 2 construction costs           £3,600,000

Other costs                                      £2,000,000


Clearly, this is a very large sum. In considering this cost we must keep in mind certain things: 

Value for money | The end result will be that we acquire a very large High Road property modified to suit our needs. Even with the eye-watering price tag, this still represents good value.

What the alternatives look like | If we had to stay in our existing site we would need to spend many millions of pounds to re-order and extend our accommodation to achieve comparable facilities. In all probability such an option would be more expensive, and yet result in us remaining in an unsatisfactory back road location. 

Spending this much on a development project, one might think we were putting our desire for a fancy building ahead of our mission.

In fact, we are looking at Solar House precisely because we are not buildings focused. In many ways, I’d rather like to move into a beautiful, purpose build church. That would be more comfortable, less complicated. And yet we feel drawn to this gargantuan office block. Not least because God has made straight our path towards it, but also because it reminds us that the building is only a staging ground for the next leg in our adventure, not a place to settle down and put our feet up.
— Rev. Henry Kendal


To fund this project we are drawing on a range of sources:


Already achieved fundraising           £2,750,000

Sale of properties                                 £9,700,000

Grants                                                     £650,000

Future fundraising                                £3,500,000


How to give

There are three ways that we as individuals can give:

One-off gift

It may be that you have some savings, or a policy that is soon to mature, or some asset that could be sold. If so, you could give a one-off gift into the fund.

Extra regular donations for 36 months

Not everyone has money available now, but you can still give. If all of us doubled our regular giving for the next 36 months we would be about three quarters of the way to our fundraising target. However, we must not divert our regular giving into the Go and Grow fund, because that would damage the mission and ministry of St Bs, which is the whole reason for doing the project.

Interest-free loans

With some of the giving coming in over three years, we need interest-free loans to enable us to get on with the project in the meantime. Whilst these will not add to the total, they will enable us to go ahead straightaway.

To help you consider how to respond, you might like to read this guide to deciding what to give.

How to give - Getting practical

Firstly: Thank you for supporting this exciting project.

Please complete a pledge card or email as soon as possible so that we can record and account for your giving.

You can give by cash, cheque, bank transfer, standing order, PayPal or JustGiving (though there are small administration fees on those last two). And don't forget, if you're a UK tax payer, we can reclaim 25p for every pound you donate from HMRC, thanks to Gift Aid. So make sure you complete a Gift Aid declaration if you haven't already and make your giving go that bit further. Further information on GiftAid is is available in this video and from the HMRC website.

For those already giving to the work of St Barnabas, whether you plan to give to Go and Grow in one lump sum or spread your contribution over time, we ask that you clearly separate your Go and Grow giving from your regular giving. This is to reduce the administration burden on our office team. Please do not add your gift/s to what you give regularly by Standing Order or direct deposit, but set up a separate Standing Order for your Go and Grow gift/s.  

If you want to commit to giving over 36 months, you can download our standing order form from our main website, or you can set one up for yourself online on in your bank branch. Here's a handy video from NatWest on setting up a standing order using online banking.

And remember, when setting up any Standing Orders or making direct payments to St Bs (including via PayPal), please ensure that you include your name and the reference Go and Grow so that we know how to allocate the money.

If you have any queries about how to give, please contact: or call on 020 8343 5774.

Thank you for playing your part in helping us to