Up and Running

Did you watch the Olympics and Paralympics over the summer? Many of us have been gripped by the awe-inspiring competition. My ultimate dumbfounded moment was when I heard that Andy Lewis the British Paralympian had won gold in the Triathlon with just one leg. I was astonished and dazzled by his extraordinary achievement. Triathlon is for lunatics. The athletes first swim a distance sufficient to exhaust, if not drown, a normal strong swimmer through open water, then leap onto their bikes and cycle further than any sane person would ever consider, only to finally dispense with their bikes and run like crazy for miles and miles. Yet it seems that Britain rules supreme in the Triathlon, after the incredible Brownlee brothers won Triathlon Gold and Silver at the Rio Olympics, and now Gold for Andy Lewis in the Paralympics.

While all these heroics have been going on in Rio half a world away, we have not been completely idle here at St Bs in our pursuit of the Go and Grow project. Finally in August we heard the long-awaited news, that at last our planning application had been submitted. What a relief after all these months of preparations, with the endless meticulous poring over details, to now be able to sit back and take a breather. The application is now with the planning authority in Barnet and we can relax. Only we can't!

The planning submission, whilst a significant milestone, is not the finish tape; this isn't the end of the race. Go and Grow is perhaps more like the triathlon, where the moment one part of the race is completed, another equally gruelling discipline is required. So with the Go and Grow project the milestone-moment of our planning submission is like that point when the Triathletes leap off their bikes and start running. You know that the final leg of the race has begun, but there is still a long way to go. There is no let-up; no relaxing. For us this means rounds of consultations in the lead-up to the planning committee, which is due to consider our application towards the end of the year. We're up and running, but there's still a long way to go.

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