Hiccups and Revelation

When I arrived at the hour of prayer up at Solar House, I found Ryan there with hiccups. He was scheduled to lead the meeting and was looking a bit anxious as he quietly grappled with his indigestion. So I went in search of a glass of water for him. I went straight to the kitchenette on the first floor, but as I entered it I realised that it didn't yet exist. I have been so immersed in the plans for Solar House that I had inadvertently, in my mind, projected the completed scheme onto the currently unconverted building. At first I was disorientated, so concerned was I that the kitchenette should be there. Then realising what I had done, I was struck with wonderment as if I had momentarily travelled forwards in time into our new environment where Go and Grow was no longer a future dream, but a current reality. What would it be like? In what new ways would we see the Spirit of God move? What would the place feel like?

It is strange that an episode of hiccups should be the catalyst for a moment of revelation into the future.

In the last couple of days the project has hit another hiccup, this time to do with property transactions and high finance rather than indigestion. The smooth running of this project is largely dependent on anticipating future circumstances - working out what could potentially happen in a given range of scenarios concerning the likes of planning, construction schedules, property sales etc. From these future projections we then work backwards to determine what is the wise strategy to pursue now. The hiccup we face this week has made us stop and look again at our scenario planning. It could be that once again a hiccup has resulted in a clearer revelation of what the future holds for us, making us wise before the event. So whilst indigestion is unpleasant at the time, God-inspired indigestion can have a positive result. Thankfully Ryan recovered from his hiccups without the need for the future-reality glass of water that I had failed to get my hands on.

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