Dreaming dreams

I was surprised the other day to open a letter, addressed impersonally to The Occupier, and find that it was from me. With our planning application for Solar House submitted to Barnet planning authority we have now been consulting with the local community about the project - hence the letter. But the planning submission has signalled a noticeable change of emphasis in the Go and Grow project in other ways as well. For months we had been in a state of suspense, wondering if the project was ever going to get past the next milestone. But now, like climbing to the top of a mountain, we are able to take in the view ahead.

Last Sunday was Vision Sunday when I attempted to describe what the future might look like for St Bs based on the five dimensions of Go and Grow. The five dimensions we've defined (in no particular order) are: (1) a resourcing centre, (2) a community hub, (3) a social enterprise, (4) a mission port, and (5) a church base. No doubt each dimension will appeal to different people. Far from being a problem, this is actually crucial, so that each dimension gets energised with grassroots support and vision. So I would encourage all of us to dream our dreams for the area of Go and Grow that has particularly caught your imagination. It would be great to get feedback on what you are thinking, because whilst it won't be possible to do everything, it may be that new visions emerge from numbers of people independently dreaming the same dream at the same time.

I personally have been musing about what a "resourcing centre" might look like. Earlier in the week I attended a seminar hosted by Bishop Ric Thorpe, the bishop assigned to church-planting in London. During the session Bishop Ric talked about what it meant to be a resourcing church. He believes that London needs about thirty such churches, which made me think about what it would take for us to step up to that challenge. "A resourcing church", he said, "was one that was generous and was able to think beyond their own immediate needs". Then, perhaps not surprisingly, he commented that a resourcing church would most likely be a church-planting church. This week I am scheduled to meet another bishop, our own area Bishop of Edmonton, about a possible church-planting opportunity. All this seems to point in the same direction.

If you have a dream that might be part of the Go and Grow vision, or you have some other feedback please email us on goandgrow@stbarnabas.co.uk

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