When will the waiting end?

The last few weeks have been an interminable waiting. After our planning application was approved, the next step was for a legal agreement called a section 106 agreement to be drawn up by the lawyers. Only after this is complete is the consent issued and even then there is a further six week wait for any possible review. 

Last week, Colin and I signed our side of the section 106 agreement; another small step in the right direction. We still need to wait for another month and a half before everything is finalised and our builders start the conversion works. I confess I am not great at waiting. Delayed gratification, so often cited as the benchmark sign of maturity, is always a struggle. 

Yet the narrative of the Bible suggests that waiting is good for us. So often God's people are called to wait: wait for the promised land, wait for the temple, wait for Jesus as he prayed, and ultimately wait for the Lord. And we understand that the waiting is often as important as the destination, as a means of refining us. 

All good and right in theory, but I still hate it. Right now I am in an airport waiting for a flight. When will all this waiting end?

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