A new thing, a new season

Life has been very full. There was the planning committee’s decision, then Jane and I heard that we are to become grandparents, and then just a couple of weeks later we were celebrating Easter. It feels like new life has been bursting out in all directions. All of a sudden I found myself being very orientated towards the future. For the last few years we have been living day to day, not being able to see far ahead and wondering what unexpected turn might happen next. But now a new vista has opened up in which we can start to think about the next few years of life at St Bs might look like. Plans have to be sorted out; plans for moving the church and for us personally: plans for welcoming a new baby. 

On the Saturday of the Easter weekend St Bs held an open-air celebration up on the High Road at Tally Ho. While there, we set up a table to present and explain our plans to move to Solar House to the community. A steady stream of people came enquiring about the project. Generally people were very interested in what we are doing and the majority were supportive. So we are now looking forward to getting going with the bricks and mortar and sweat and tears of the project.  There are of course still various legal processes to be concluded before our planning consent is sealed. However, at a time when so much in the world is becoming more uncertain, St Bs is bucking the trend. As the Lord said in Isaiah 43:19 - “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” The impenetrable mist, that for so long has veiled our future, is gradually lifting, and something new, fresh, vibrant and exciting beckons.

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