Purpose for our lives

Today at St Bs we launched the “Great Big Fundraising Challenge” for the Go and Grow project. This is to fund Phase 2, Phase 1 having already been fully funded. Phase 2 is the building of our new auditorium. This is the place where we as a church will meet to worship God, to hear the word of God preached, and to pray for each other. It will be in this place that many people will come to faith in Christ for the first time. Many others will be healed, or encounter God in fresh and amazing ways. The new auditorium is quite simply the most important part of the entire building, where we will do the most important activities of our lives - what God created us for.

During the last week I’ve been away with my son, and we stayed in an Airbnb, in the spare room in a house of young professionals. It was fascinating, for a couple of days, to have a ring-side seat into other people’s lives. My thirty-something hosts were absolutely delightful and couldn’t do enough for us, their guests. But I was struck by the way they seemed to me to be drifting through life. Yes they had friendships and fun and jobs to go to and socialising in the evenings and weekends. But it was all rather directionless and without any great purpose. I guess the vast majority of people live life like that, rarely stopping to ask: “is there anything more?”

The answer is an emphatic YES! There is purpose for our lives. God made us for relationship with Him. Worship is the highest calling of our lives, and is what we will be doing for eternity. It can also be an experience of immeasurable joy, where we discover utter fulfilment. It is what we were created for. Go and Grow Phase 2 has the highest purpose we could possibly envisage.

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