Living up to our name

Our patron saint St Barnabas was one of those who  arrived on the scene early on in the Acts of the Apostles. His real name was Joseph the Levite, but he was given the nickname “Barnabas”. Barnabas means “son of encouragement” and he certainly lived up to his nickname. Throughout all the accounts of Barnabas in the New Testament we can see that he was constantly looking for ways of raising up young leaders, the most famous of which was the apostle Paul. He was very selfless always seeking to promote others before himself.

Barnabas is an inspirational figure for me and fantastic patron saint to have. Following in his footsteps, one of the things we have sought to do at St Bs is to be encouraging. But in the last couple of weeks we’ve had the tables turned on us, because numbers of our friends have been writing in to Barnet Council to support our Go and Grow planning application to convert and extend Solar House. I have had the privilege of seeing some of these letters. So I find myself in the place of recipient of incredible encouragement. People have written very kind words about our church; so much so that I read these reports and it makes me want to press on to live up to the confidence that has been placed in us. One of these letters described us as “a servant church seeking to resource community work and outreach”. Surely Barnabas himself would want to be associated with such a church.



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