Remembering what God has done

Yesterday our Fundraising Coordinator Andy Pritchard started his new job. As part of his first day we spent an hour together going over the project, and I was reminded of all the incredible things God has done over the last couple of years. The fundraising for phase 2, to build our new auditorium (phase 1 the purchase and conversion of Solar House is already fully funded), which Andy is going to be heading up, is an enormous challenge. Sometimes when I look at it I am tempted to think: ‘how on earth are we going to achieve that - it is impossible’.

I was reading this morning from Mark 8 when Jesus and the disciples set off by boat across Galilee. Jesus chooses this moment to warn the disciples about the “yeast of the Pharisees”.  The disciples get completely the wrong end of the stick thinking that Jesus is annoyed with them for forgetting to bring bread on the boat trip. The irony is that Jesus had just fed 4000 people on just seven loaves of bread, and not long before that 5000 people on five loaves and two fish. Jesus really couldn’t care less about not having sufficient provisions; he can sort out those details.

It is easy to deride the collective amnesia of the disciples in forgetting the incredible food miracles they had just witnessed, in now worrying about a small group lunch. But we often do something similar in looking at our future challenges fearfully, forgetting the amazing journey that God has taken us on thus far.  It is when we remember what God has already done that we are filled with faith for what He will do. Jesus never worried about provision; my test of faith is to be like him.


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