Guest post: Matthew Lagden

A significant number of people are now engaged in realising our Go and Grow ambitions. I have invited some of those working on the project to share their own experiences, reflections and hopes for the project as guest bloggers. First up is our fundraising consultant, Matthew Lagden...

I have been working with St Barnabas on the Go and Grow project for a few months now, and I just wanted to share a few thoughts about it. I am writing as someone who works on a lot of church based projects across the Diocese of London and the south east of England more generally, and has worked on a lot of projects of this sort, and has known their fair share of successes and failures.

Henry has described Go and Grow as one of the most exciting projects in the Church of England and it really is. The breadth and depth of the vision is quite breathtaking, as is the thought, planning and commitment that St Barnabas has brought to it. In my experience, most projects fail before they begin - through poor planning, fuzzy concepts, lack of attention to detail, or simple wishful thinking. None of these faults are present in the Go and Grow project. There has been a ready answer to every question I have asked, the project is easy to explain (it really is true that the best projects can be explained in a single sentence), makes sense, serves a need within the community, and expresses all that is best about the Christian faith (a faith I share and care passionately about).

Projects like this are not easy - nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy. However, we are now coming, if not to the end, at least to the beginning of the final stages of the project. I have every intention of doing all I can to see the project reach the finish line – and I can't wait to stand with you all at the opening of a transformed Solar House and the dawn of a new era for St Barnabas.

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