Walking the walk

When Jesus came to earth, he did so in the most remarkable way. He didn’t come to the corridors of power, or hobnob with the great and good. He didn’t leverage influence through writing books, commanding armies or taking over municipalities. He didn’t target the main centres of the ancient world: Rome, Alexandria, Athens. Instead he grew up in a very ordinary family living in a tiny village in a forgotten backwater at the far reaches of the Roman Empire. Given the choice between the senate and marketplace, Jesus would always be found in the latter. He associated with ordinary fishermen and the like. He travelled on foot, but never very far.

Jesus ran his campaign to save the world on completely different principles to those we are familiar with in our frenetic competitive commercialised world. He was intent on reaching out to people not despite their ordinariness, but because of it. And for all this we see him as far more ‘real’ than the great movers and shakers of history, as he somehow connected with the soft underbelly of humanity.

Jesus was God incarnate; God fleshed out amongst us. How do we follow his example? How do we live in an incarnational way. Perhaps a start is to find ways to immerse ourselves in the grass roots end of our local community. The five dimensions of Go and Grow are our attempt to do just that. In defining the project as 1) a community hub, 2) a social enterprise, 3) a resourcing centre, 4) a mission port, and 5) a church base, we are saying that, despite our frailties and nervousness, we want to walk the walk. 

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