A delegation deferred

Have you ever experienced being stood up? Perhaps you have had a long anticipated date, but the person you hoped to go out with called off at the last minute? This week we went from elation to despondency in a single instant. First we had the huge encouragement that both the DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee) and members of the DFC (Diocesan Finance Committee) wanted to visit Solar House...

The DAC is the body tasked with advising the diocese on whether the building is suitable as a church. It is largely made up of experts such as architects and church buildings specialists, and is very influential. In particular we wanted them to consider our proposals for phasing the project, without which we may be stretched in achieving our fundraising goals in the timescale required. The DFC are in overall oversight of all the diocesan finances and in our case without their ongoing support we would not be able to continue with the project.

To say that these two groups are important to us would be a massive understatement. So the chance to show them around Solar House and share our Go + Grow vision with them was an exciting prospect for us. 

The date had been set for this Wednesday and preparations were already in hand. Then last Friday came the news that the visit had had to be postponed for three weeks because so many people were away. I was devastated. The hope of something really significant being achieved had come tantalisingly close, only to be snatched away at the last minute. However this is only a postponement and in God’s perfect timing my prayer is that the hoped for visit in three weeks time will prove to be even more propitious.

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