God's timing

I mentioned in my post on 29 May that one of the things that we need to be praying for is the Diocesan finance committee (DFC). Originally this committee was scheduled to review the Go and Grow project on 18 June (this week). I am glad to say this has been deferred until 30 July. Why am I glad? For two main reasons. Firstly the motivation for the DFC reviewing our case so very quickly was because there was a fear that the scheme was becoming a lost cause, and therefore perhaps the sooner it is put out of its misery the better. So the review being deferred is actually a vote of confidence in the scheme, that there is life in the scheme yet. Secondly the additional six weeks gives us precious extra time to properly prepare our case for the DFC. Rather than the rushed rear-guard action we were scrabbling to construct, now we can calmly present the vision and strategy of Go and Grow and how we believe that God is leading us in this direction.

Throughout the gospels, Jesus' timing is immaculate. One moment he is setting off to another place with such intent that no one could stop him, while at other times he seems content to be interrupted and delayed. On one occasion he even intentionally waits on the other side of the Jordon River while one of his closest friends is perilously sick and then dies. But Jesus, knowing that this episode will not ultimately end in death, strategically arrives late, only to then raise Lazarus from the dead with the most extraordinary miracle. Timing is important and I believe that the postponement of the DFC's review of Go and Grow is all in God's strategic plan on St Bs' journey up to the High Road.

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