Keep going

The seventieth anniversary of VE day on Friday is another moment of remembering for the, now quite elderly, group of people who personally experienced the Second World War. The war had been a long hard fought battle of attrition, with the opposing sides going through highs and lows over years. The extraordinary determination of the people of Great Britain in the last war, famously epitomised in the dogged perseverance of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, brought this country through its darkest hour. For some considerable time any prospect of victory must have seemed like an improbable distant dream for the embattled nation. And when victory finally did come it was almost too much to believe for the war-weary population who had lived through so much. It had been such a struggle and the sheer elation of VE Day must have been a glorious relief.

Far be it for me to compare the incredible war effort 70 years ago with the little battles we face on the Go and Grow project. However I am inspired by the astonishing fortitude of my parents' generation that persevered in the face of such overwhelming odds and eventually won through. On our journey of highs and lows through this challenging project, I pray that we can have just a smidgen of the grit and determination that they had. This week we face another low, as the new construction cost estimates once more make the project difficult to fulfil. But we keep going, trusting God to lead us through and looking to him for provision. In the bleakest hour it can seem improbable that we will ever succeed, but I still have faith that one day in years to come we’ll throw an amazing party.

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