A change of season

The birds are singing, winter is over, Easter has arrived, and we even have a few daffodils in the garden. The Natural world around us has sensed that resurrection is in the air, with budding new life sprouting everywhere. Fairly soon summer will be beckoning with its dreams of lazy days lying in the long grass breathing in warm dry air and reading a meaningless novel.

The last year has been anything but that hoped for idyll. Such has been my crazy diary schedule that yesterday I finally got around to folding up the dust sheets I used when doing some decorating last summer. The so called work-life balance has, for me, not so much been slightly out of equilibrium, as bent over precipitously towards franticness. This is not good. And whilst we all go through seasons where things run a bit too fast, the last couple of terms have stretched that to its limit.

By the grace of God I have survived. And I think it is a special grace that God has given me for this season. But that would be a very poor excuse for not addressing something that is manifestly unsustainable. In the past couple of months the Go and Grow project has been at its most intense, and whilst it may be wishful thinking, I sense that in the next month of so we will set a course for the future that will require rather less micro-management. A lot is now in place, and those things that are yet to be resolved are matters of practical outworking, rather than establishing the state of play from scratch. There are bound to be further ups and downs as we continue to chart the treacherous waters of a major property project, but God willing the wind of the Spirit is in our sails. But I believe that our course and our cause is now unstoppable.

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