A long journey

I've just got back from our PCC (church council) meeting. I am very honoured to serve alongside an incredible group of people in the PCC, who tirelessly oversee everything we are doing with real scrutiny, whilst at the same time exuding faith. The Go and Grow project has been a long time coming and endless hours of work have gone into getting us to the point we have come to now.

I was recently told about one of our longstanding and respected church members at St Bs who had a vision 15 years ago, but didn't tell anyone. Then when the other week I was describing the large underground car park at Solar House her old vision came to mind. What she had seen was St Bs moved into a new building and the building had a large underground car park. It seemed so ridiculous at the time that she simply put it to the back of her mind. But now 15 years later she realised that her vision had a special relevance. Unbeknown to her, the first time we started seriously looking into the prospect of St Bs moving was 15 years ago, just as she was having her vision.

The move to Solar House on the High Road has certainly been a long journey. It has almost been as if St Bs has been pregnant for 15 years. The longest gestation in the animal kingdom is the African Elephant at just under 2 years, so by any measure 15 years is a long time. But although the waiting has tested my patience to breaking point, I do find it reassuring to know that God has known every detail of this project all along, from timings to car parks. The journey is not yet complete and many mountains and valleys lie ahead, with significant risks of the whole things collapsing. Yet God knows the end from the beginning and is utterly trustworthy.

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