A church intent on mission

I have just got back from Durham where I've been on a clergy conference. Yesterday morning as I walked through Durham, I went through the main central market place where St Nicholas' church is. George Carey (the then vicar - later to become Archbishop of Canterbury) wrote the book about St Nicholas called "Church in the Market Place". It's a readable short book about their faith-stretching journey of doing a massive building project and, although it is now all quite a long time ago, it had some resonance with us.

Our Go and Grow project is so large it is frightening. I was aware that when I announced the fund target of £3½million, it seemed like a fanciful amount. However other churches have done very large projects before. Our fund target only represents 4¼ times our current annual giving income (only!). A number of other churches I have researched have given 8 times their income and more. So I am convinced that it is achievable if we can together catch the vision that God has set before us.

The challenge ahead of us is considerable, but the potential outcomes could be astonishing. There is surely no better project to invest in than a church intent on mission. It will cost us a huge amount and it will be worth every penny.

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