How will God cope without me?

I am away at the moment in Durham on the Edmonton Episcopal Area Clergy Conference. This only happens every few years and so it is an important event in the calendar. This time it is even more poignant because our bishop is due to retire at the end of the year, so this is like his send-off. Durham is beautiful, cold and wet. Went to evensong in the Cathedral last night - the choir was stunning, although apart from a couple of "amens" there was not a lot of participation - more like a worshipful concert, than an engaged service.

It is strange to be away at such a critical point in the Go and Grow project. Everything in me wants to be back at home working things out and making sure everything is running to plan. I tend to be a hands-on type of person, who loves nothing better than the cut and thrust of down to earth dealings. Instead, I am here sitting in lectures from wise and learned teachers, discussing mysteries in hushed tones, and praying in the hallowed aisles of a cathedral built in 1093. Meanwhile I have wrestled with getting any internet connection (hence the lack of blog posts) much like Jacob wrestled with the angel. I have struggled with God and with computers and have overcome (Gen 32:28) albeit with a little help from my friends.

All the while I have been asking myself: how will progress on the Go and Grow project continue without me? How will God cope without me?

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