Generosity and Sacrifice

Tomorrow I am going to be challenging us to sacrifice. Why? Well firstly you can’t become more like Jesus without sacrifice. And that is always our principal goal – transforming lives, starting with us. We want to lead people to become more like Jesus. God is a lavishly generous God. Generosity is the flip-side of love: For God so loved the world that he gave (John 3:16a). Jesus was the most generous man who ever lived and we can’t hope to begin to follow him without learning to be generous.

But if becoming more like Jesus is our first objective, providing for the future of St Bs is the second. We will be investing in the greatest cause on earth – the church. As Bill Hybels put it: “the local church is the hope of the world”. We are the beachhead for the kingdom of God, invading the dominion of darkness with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course buildings don’t change the world, but what goes on in them does. We believe that now is the time, a Kairos moment in the life of our church, when God is calling us to step out at a level of faith we have never previously experienced. It will be challenging, scary and very costly.

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