The life of the Spirit

Yesterday I spent the day at my publishers (I have written a book which is due for publication next year) on a resourcing day for authors. Quite a bit of the day was about building a personal platform on social media. I was so glad that I've started writing this blog, because without it I would have felt so far behind everyone else that I shouldn't really even have been there. As it is I am still behind everyone else, but at least I've started.

I confess that my mind has not principally been on my book in recent times, as the Go and Grow project has been gathering pace. Being forced yesterday mentally to get back into the world of book publishing made me realise that there is a blatant connection that had not previously occurred to me. My book is about the life of the Spirit - how we can live the life of faith every day. The Go and Grow journey has been the most potent example of doing exactly that. We have pursued what we believe to be God's purposes even when, at times, the whole thing looked crazy. We have seen God move with extraordinary interventions, that cannot be reasonably explained by human logic. We have felt as if we are walking on the water, and each time we look around and see the wind and waves and cry out "Lord save me". We've experienced the faithfulness of God somehow turning the situation around, as if Jesus reached out his hand and caught us saying "You of little faith, why did you doubt?" (Matthew 14:31). My book is still about 9 months away from publication, but we are living it now.

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