Beyond the eleventh hour

The days leading up to Christmas are, for many people, marked by increasingly fraught exertions. Last minute presents to be bought (almost all my present buying seems to end up being last minute), a whole new level of food shopping, writing myriad Christmas cards to people we never see, clearing out the house ready for the onslaught of relatives, and so on. Strangely, Go and Grow seems to have picked up this eleventh-hour mentality, as if it is somehow infectious. After what has felt like almost endless frantic activity on behalf of the project, on Thursday we were told that the deal on Solar House had to happen this week or it was all off. However amazingly on the same day we finally got confirmation that we were now in a position to be able to proceed, so exchange of contracts was set for Friday. Then other factors contrived to stop the deal being done on the day, but thankfully the vendor confirmed that Monday would be acceptable. With nerves jangling we are still waiting; still holding our breath. It is now beyond the eleventh hour, with the clock inexorably ticking towards midnight.

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