God - the principal architect

There are now 4 more days to get pledges in and many of us will have been thinking and praying about what God would have us give. In fact the whole of this project is simply about what God would have us do. This is the only question that really matters. We are pursuing the vision of transforming lives, changing the world because we believe that God gave us this vision. We are focussing our re-location efforts on Solar House because we believe God identified this one building for us.

Yes of course logic and reason comes into it. We would not be continuing in this quest if the scheme did not make sense on all sorts of levels: location, accommodation, logistics, profile, even finances. But it is the voice of God that makes the difference. If this project had not been birthed out of prophetic vision, it would be simply our good ideas. And even our very best ideas are deeply flawed and riddled with mixed motives. But this is not where the Go and Grow move to Solar House came from. The only reason we started looking for a site on the High Road was because through a series of chance encounters a door miraculously opened up for us to look for a site outside our parish. And the only reason we looked at Solar house in the first place was because of a series of five specific prophetic words. The promise in Isaiah 30:21 says: Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it'. We believe we have heard that guiding voice, and that gives us great confidence to push on, no matter the amount of effort, discomfort and cost. We believe God is the principal architect behind this plan and we are determined to follow Him.

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