Ambitious or insane?

So often in life we try to take charge of our own destiny. We make our plans and then work tirelessly to engineer the circumstances that would bring about our dreams.

With the Go and Grow project however, it is a little different. This plan is so ridiculously colossal that at any of the times when I have been tempted to try a little bit harder to cause it to happen, we have quickly been overridden by the realisation that this is way beyond our abilities to accomplish. People have been commenting to me that it's very ambitious, and initially I agreed with them. But there is a point at which something is not so much ambition but insanity. At a human level we passed that point a long time ago. If this project is not God's, there is no chance of it going ahead. No amount of effort on our part can bring about such a gargantuan scheme. It's not as if we are close to having sufficient ability - no we're miles off. It would be like trying to throw an entire mountain into the sea.

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