Believing God for great things

One of the most inspiring things about the Go and Grow project has been listening to other leaders as they envisage what God might do through the ministry of St Bs once we move to our new building on the High Road. Last Sunday at our main services Helen Shannon and then in the evening, Elliott Ireton shared something of their vision for the future, and I found myself once again believing God for great things.

I was talking to someone after church last Sunday and they were telling me how difficult they were finding it because their husband was away from the Lord and church and this affected how they could respond financially. We all face different issues, some of which appear completely insurmountable, but God often provides a way through even the most intractable situations.

The putting back together of a broken disciple is a far more important issue than that of money and buildings. Buildings do not transform lives or change the world. However what goes on inside them and from them does.

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