Keeping our eyes fixed on the Lord

I have given a Go + Grow presentation every week for the past eight weeks. And I've now just announced the Go + Grow fund total of £1.4million. Understandably the reaction was excited encouragement - after all it is an amazing amount of money. The thing I am most encouraged by is not so much the total figure itself, but what the figure represents: the commitment of hundreds of people at St Bs who are prepared to give sacrificially to the incredible vision God has given us.

But now the initial push for the project is finished, and we need to get going on the nuts and bolts bits: the legal contracts, the sale of our Holden Road site, and the continuing working out of many details. So while at one level the project will become much more public, at another level a lot of the crucial work will now be done behind the scenes.

I sense that the project is now entering a critical phase. From being a dream, it is now becoming real. And with that there is a lot of hard work to be done and some hard truths to be faced. In all this we will all need to keep our eyes fixed on The Lord and not on the project or ourselves.

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