The future beckons

After an amazing and inspiring evening last night with our architect Jeremy Bell, I've been poring over the plans that he presented. So much of what we have dreamt of for years is now emerging in room-layouts before our eyes. As with all building projects there are of course priorities for some aspects, which inevitably mean compromises for others. But what is becoming clear is that in Solar House we will have better facilities than anything we had previously dared to hope for.

Chatting to Jeremy before the meeting I was arrested when he commented that "St Barnabas is a miracle of what God can do through a church even when it has the most inadequate facilities". It made me realise that living day-in day-out in a place has meant that we have no longer been able to see clearly the full perspective of what we have been dealing with. And it is a miracle. God has truly provided for us, enabling St Bs to flourish in really quite difficult circumstances.

But the future beckons. It is uncertain, immensely challenging and very scary. There are still a lot of issues to be overcome. Yet more and more I sense God on the move, and I for one am thrilled to be part of it.

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