A week in the life of ...

My roles as vicar of St Barnabas are becoming increasing eclectic. So far this week, Sunday was recognisably vicar-type work: leading service, making presentations, meeting and praying with people. On Monday however I launched into a different world. We had a design team meeting. This sounds like a fascinating examination of floor layouts and proposed finishes. However in reality it was in-depth discussion about heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, analysing the comparative merits of the current VAV system with its gargantuan air management plant, against the more contemporary and relatively small VAM units. Tuesday (yesterday) was a staff awayday, where we had training in coaching, including goal-setting and giving feedback. These awaydays, which we have once a term, are invariably refreshing and inspiring, and this was one of the best. Today I am going to a meeting about the pastoral measure. This concerns the legal framework of doing a major project within the Church of England and involves the diocese, the Church Commissioners and us. It is the Church of England at its most Dickensian, where one is transported back in time to a manner of doing things that feels quaint and strangely foreign to the modern world.

And where do I find God in all this? He is everywhere. I sense his presence as I sit round a table and discuss displacement ventilation with a group of property professionals, I am lifted out of the slough of despond when learning and worshipping together with our wonderful staff team, and I know that even when later today I get to my meeting about the dusty procedures within the Church of England, God will have gone ahead of me there too.

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