We each have our own talents, resources and ideas.                                                                           We want you to fundraise for Solar House your own way. No one who can do it like you can. Below are a few thought starters that may help get the ball rolling.

Remember, you want to aim for something that raises the most money for the least effort. Something that won't take ages to organise, but will be worthy enough to raise funds from your friends, family and colleagues.

Don't forget to rally a team around you. There's probably other people in church with the same passions as you who'd love to get involved. Oh yeah, and don't forget to have fun!

Here's the A to Z of fundraising inspiration.....

A - Auction of Promises

B - Bingo Night

C - Cinema Screening

D - Dinner Party

E - Ebay

F - Football match

G - Give it up for sponsorship

H - Head Shave

I - International Evening

J - Jumble Sale

K - Knitathon

L - Ladies Night

M - Marathon

N - Netball Tournament

O - Open Garden Day

P - Plant Sale

Q - Quiz night

R - Raffle

S - Skydive

T - Tea Party

U - Unwanted gift sale

V - Vintage Sale

W - Sponsored Walk

X - XBox or console tournament

Y - Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Z - Zumbathon

Been inspired and want to let us know what you're doing? Need a little more inspiration or have further questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch by email -