Five DIMENSIONS, five-fold impact

Our relocation to Solar House will create huge new opportunities for us as a church. In fact, it will transform what we do and how we do it. We have identified five big impacts that the move will have on our current activities - five dimensions of transformation.

1. Community Hub

Church should be a place of welcome, an open door, somewhere anyone can feel at home. That's exactly what we plan to create by transforming this prominent building into a community hub - a visible building, open everyday to everyone, where anyone who comes through our door will find a warm welcome, a warm smile and a warm mug of Fairtrade coffee awaiting them.

2. Mission Port

Whether through missional communities, long-terms overseas partners or short-term teams, St Bs has a strong culture of mission. We know that we cannot expect everyone to come to us - we also need to go out to meet people where they are.  Far from being a place to put our feet up and retreat inwards, the move to Solar House will give us an even greater springboard for mission - both into our local area, across north London and around the world.

3. Social enterprise

In many quiet ways, we have a track record of helping people turn their lives around - from supporting the long-term unemployed to find their way back into work, to mentoring young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, standing alongside those wrestling free from substance abuse and walking with people through all manner of other fresh starts. 

Part of our Go and Grow vision is to supercharge that life-transforming activity by working with entrepreneurs and investors to create new social enterprises that will enable us to provide much more structured opportunities to help many more people.

4. Resourcing centre

We want to see people equipped to make a difference in their street, schools, homes and workplaces. St Bs already provides many training, mentoring and discipleship opportunities - and has repeatedly sent out talented leaders to support other churches near and far.

Through the Go and Grow project, we are transforming Solar House into a resourcing centre, increasing our capacity to train, raise up and release individuals to be good news in their neighbourhoods, north London and the nations.

5. Church base

Having welcomed in the community, fostered local and global mission, supported people in turning their lives around, and invested in the discipling and development of believers across north London, last but not least, through Go and Grow we are creating an inspiring church base where our existing members and the many new people who experience the Kingdom through us in the coming years will be able to join together in worship, teaching and community. 

There will be better space and more suitable facilities for our Sunday services and all our activities during the week - for kids work, youth work, young adults, families and the elderly. With a more obvious presence on the High Road, we will be able to play a more visible role in the spiritual lives of the people of North Finchley - for weddings, baptisms, christenings and funerals, as well as our major festivals of Christmas and Easter, which we anticipate will attract many more people as a result of our relocation.


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