Questions about the vision

How are we going to avoid being preoccupied with the building at the expense of mission?

We believe in being both missional (outward facing) and attractional (welcoming). With such a complex buildings project, it would be easy to get unbalanced in our focus.

It is essential that we keep focused on the mission of the church - that's why each year we publish a mission card with our mission aims and key strategies.

Whilst Henry is heavily involved in Go and Grow, most other members of staff are not, and Henry is depending on them to keep everything in perspective, and keep us all focused on our main vision - to see lives transformed and the world changed.

When we move to the High Road, will we carry on reaching out to the community in Woodside Park? 

We have a lot of local outreach and that will continue. In fact we will be able to increase the number of days we run our Barney's toddler group and related activities, which is a great local outreach.

We also have a Missional Community (N12) dedicated to reaching out to our local parish.

Being church at Solar House will be incredibly different. How are we planning for this? 

Our ministry leaders (the team who oversee each ministry area in the church) have been reviewing all our current existing activities, and using that bench mark to imagine how things might look in the new facility. This is a task of imagination, but hopefully it will help us to embrace the opportunity the new building brings and anticipate most scenarios which we may face.

We are also writing a five year business plan with projected costs and income to help us plan for how the church might run financially. We have tried to be as realistic as possible about this, but we recognise that we are just at the inception of this project and therefore this business plan will be revised as we get better clarity on what the future looks like.

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