Is there a risk that we will end up in Solar House without enough money to build the auditorium? 

The basis for the project is that we will cut our cloth to fit our budget. So it is possible that if we don’t raise enough money, we may need to cut certain optional extras in the scheme, perhaps to do later. However the new auditorium is one of the non-negotiables.

We will continue to raise money once we have moved in until we are in a position to commence the works.

Aren’t commercial buildings subject to VAT?

Given the sums involved, this has been a critical point for us to understand. We have therefore sought the best available professional advice and have been advised we don’t have to pay this.

There’s a lot of need in the world and this is a lot of money. Wouldn’t it do more good spent on something other than a new building?

St Bs is a church that is almost entirely organised around mission, including mission to the poor. So providing adequate facilities for St Bs is giving to the poor, albeit indirectly.

We also give regularly, consistently and generously to a range of important causes. We believe that this investment in our future will allow us to continue to give generously to meet emerging and ongoing needs around the world for many years to come. It will achieve this by creating vital space for new growth in our membership (and thus our financial resources), and by improving the efficiency of our back office operation, so that we may spend as little as possible on ourselves and release more funds to spend on others. We are also planning to have, for the first time in house, a food bank and clothing bank.

But just in case you’re worried we may forget the poor, we are planning to have a thanks offering when the project is complete and give that all away.

When should we start paying our pledged money? 

As soon as possible, please!

All pledges will be acknowledged with full information about when and how to give your gift. If you are giving a very large lump sum, it may be beneficial to give it in two parts across two tax years to maximize how much you can Gift Aid. We plan to have a video clip on the website about how to give efficiently very soon. Please speak the office on  020 8343 5770 to if you need further details on this.


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